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The Industry is Plugging Leeky Dykes With It’s Fingers

So disappointed the Pirate Bay got found guilty, but in the grand scheme it just means the middlemen’s power is gonna get snapped slightly slower. They won’t be able to stop the tide.

If you’re fuzzy on Copyright laws, Uncyclopedia typically presents a refreshing overview. Please go read We Think by Charles Leadbeater. It’s a bit old but in keeping with the theme of open and remix culture check Ludachrist’s below album.

Right Click for 320 Download of Ludachrist’s Bangfest album

Free the Pirate Bay yall.


Life After People
April 3, 2009, 1:18 pm
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More of my new favourite genre; docusci-fi. An intensely-interesting one about what the state of life on Planet Earth would be like if all the humans just up and vanished – spanning hunneds o’years, the fates of house-pets, unmaintained power-grids and the encroachment of wildlife and greenery are all addressed amongst other things. About as future as you can get.

Hit the jump for the rest of post-human Earth>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Why Loosened Copyright Will Encourage Creativity…

…in the music industry.

Inspired by a copyright discussion in an interview I had today, I remembered the important history lesson from the video above. The second half gives proof as to why loosened copyright laws in music will encourage creativity. Music startups like Mixcloud are at the forefront of a push for increased access to tunes. Increased access is giving listeners a plethora of influences from which to be inspired – heightening the opportunity for originality through variety and assimilation. This is why Laurence Lessig and Creative Commons points to the future. Lessig acolyteGirl Talk and his pay-what-you-want album Feed the Animals is what pop music should have been since the 80s, were it not for stringent copyright laws:

Yes, the video avoids the UK YooToob ban – because it’s licensed through Creative Commons! Also, go check out (trailer here) the first open source documentary, which is about all of this – RiP: A Remix Manifesto.

The Amen break is still in full effect today, with the big tune of the moment making explicit reference at about 4:10:

http://kiwi6.com/upload/hotlink?id=0jr72yo5 La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream Let’s Get Ravey Remix)

Or was that the last moment? Foamo has already given an entirely different take, with a the remix of the remix:

http://kiwi6.com/upload/hotlink?id=l0x0fmj2La Roux – In For The Kill (Foamo’s Skream Remix Bootleg)

March 27, 2009, 3:39 pm
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Its raining again,  clouds are grey, and my mactop is still in the Apple shop with a murked screen. Cold turkey is mother funker. Alas, until Derek decides to sort out his life and perform the less than arduous task of putting a new “clam Shell” on my maimed beauty,  I am unable to toy with this little breh. From what iv seen on the you tube it looks pretty tasty, and unlike some other VST’s,  it’s both Windows and Mac compatible.  Fuck you Glitch!

Dem say:

Have it your way with 14 Candy Effects of Sugar Bytes latest Bang Effectrix, each one providing its own stepsequencer and two modulation-sequencers.

* 32 step sequencer matrix for effect activation.
* 2 sodulation sequencers per Effect.
* 12 subsequences, triggered via Midi note and host automation.
* 14 innovative effects: XLoop, Loop, Scratch Loop, Reverse, Stretch, Tonal Delay, Stutter, Vinyl, Crush, Filter, Phaser, Chorus, Delay, Reverb.

Effectrix as a musical instrument.
See Effectrix as a musical instrument with lots of possibilities for different expressions of existing material. Sounds of any kind can be transformed to exciting beat structures and soundscapes.

Looper´s Heaven
Effectrix contains the most innovative loopers so far.
Besides classical looping of passages in realtime, loops can also be scratched, stretched, reversed or modulated in loopsize and pitch.
All all that very convenient in realtime, without latency, time consuming editing or complex wirings.

Scratcher´s Heaven
Until now not available, now you have it twice: Scratching in realtime. Effectrix gives you two advanced scratching Effects for placing scratches exactly where they belong in your arrangement. In relatime.
You dont have to make samples anymore, to scratch them using low-quality freeware or too expensive DJ Software, bounce them, cut them, place them in your song…
Use the Scratch Looper / the Vinyl Effect to scratch your tracks at any time, using different methods and the advanced possibilities that open up using the modulation tracks. The Scratch Looper gives you advanced in-depth controls to create stunning scratches. The Vinyl effect scratches the signal without looping it and serves with the Stop Mode which gives you the classical sound of a vinyl record stopped with your hand. Little hint: use several stops after each other to create the coolest beats.

Get it below:


Digitizing the Imagination
March 27, 2009, 10:22 am
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This has been a looong time coming! Designer Frantz Lasorne has a project that mashes-up tabletop war-games and strategy video games together, with a kid’s existing toys. Painting little Warhammer figures would actually be quite cool when used in conjunction with this futuretoy. It takes typical boys imagination and lays it out in front of their eyes, by letting them use their old toys as game pieces and controls in an virtual world. Players battle it out, assigning weapon functions to their real world toys, and can watch the virtual action through special glasses. You do have to wonder, still, how immersion in an augmented world will effect a kid’s developing mind. Like the “is Google making us stupid” argument, will too much of this kind of pre-planned imaginary world inhibit creativity, or will it unlock new ways of thinking?