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The Industry is Plugging Leeky Dykes With It’s Fingers

So disappointed the Pirate Bay got found guilty, but in the grand scheme it just means the middlemen’s power is gonna get snapped slightly slower. They won’t be able to stop the tide.

If you’re fuzzy on Copyright laws, Uncyclopedia typically presents a refreshing overview. Please go read We Think by Charles Leadbeater. It’s a bit old but in keeping with the theme of open and remix culture check Ludachrist’s below album.

Right Click for 320 Download of Ludachrist’s Bangfest album

Free the Pirate Bay yall.


Is T-Pain Hactually a Baby-Zombie!?
April 17, 2009, 12:06 pm
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Or have Diplo and Switch simultaneously applauded and ridiculed the absurd auto-tune fad with their Major Lazer side-project?

Either way, you’re gonna need to pick up the Major Lazer album when it drops this summer. In the meantime however, you bes’ check first song, Zumbi,  featuring diminutive comedian Andy Milonakishttp://kiwi6.com/upload/hotlink?id=p86qp9m6 Download Major Lazer – Zumbi

Murkules Speed Merengue Special
April 17, 2009, 12:04 pm
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RAPIDBRAPP! Our good friend Murkules has smacked it outta the park with this rinsing speed merengue mix, synthesized from some bits we found downback of interwebs a while back. Here’s wha’ he say:

“Kids aren’t ready for speed merengue. its all breakneck speed kicks drums and claps, synth horn stabs, half time bass licks and slack lyrics. Its some kind of raunchy latin salsatek than cold weather legs can’t handle – shit’s like 190 bpm. Hard digi riddims started coming out of the dominican republic in the mid 90’s and hadn”t really crossed over outside the dominican diaspora since, but mad decent’s new signing Maluca got some kind of 8-bit SM vibes going on. Tropical bass jams to blow your sunny summer, Here’s 40 minutes of hyperspeed badness for you….”

Tracklist – Download
1. La Banda x – La Tanga
2. Dequita – Chica Mala
3. Manny Loco – La Chuleta
4. Amarfis Y La Banda De Atakke – Yemayau
5. Mambo Infinito ft. La Mayor – Coje Lo Tuyo
6. Omega Y Su Mambo Vilento – Alante Alante
7. Manny Loco – El Chimichurri
8. El Sujeto & El Sueco – Muevelo Mamita Muevelo Menol
9. Amarfis Y La Banda De Atakke – Mete Mano
10. Fulanito – Cotorra
11. Unknown – Tienes Que Ganatelo
12. El Sujeto – Los Brasilenos
13. Mala Fe – Con El Pompi Pa’rriba
14. Unknown – Unknown

Also, catch’im spinning some at the BIG Man Make Music event on the 2nd of May.

Taliesin – Samdizat Bass Mix
April 17, 2009, 12:00 pm
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BIGGUPPZ! Got sent this this hectic genre-buss’ing bass mix by Taliesin of the awesome Dutty Artz crew as a promo for his forthcoming UK tour. Be sure to catch his eclectic mix of Dancehall, Southern Hipity Hop, Dubstep, Cumbia, and wobbly Basshouse at the following dates in May and CHeck below for download link:

02. Sibin Festival DUBLIN
09 The Old Bell DERBY
13 Hardknock at The Social LDN
15 Absolutely Free Festival GRAZ, Austria
16- Nuke Them All LDN
23- Cosies BRISTOL

Right Click for D-Low
“Samizdat” tracklist:
So So Gutter – Hatescrwen
De Tropix – TapTap
Busy Signal -Murderer (w/ Alborosie)
Lorn – Requiem (Ft. Mobb Deep)
Verbal – (Prefuse 73 Dipped in Chrome Cadillac Remix)
Red Cafe- Hottest in the Hood
Viento Calido – Cumbia Titanic
I Get It In (Inst)
Serani – No Games
DJ Miguelon -Cada Vez RMIX Cumbia The Version (Biggup  Ghetto Bass Quake)
Leif- Timbs (Neon Coyote Slow Jam)
Jet Black – Hood Nigga (Lazer Swords Remix)
Sonido Changa- Cumbia De Los Amigos
Earth- Teeth of Lions Rule the Devine
L-Vis 1990 – Flux
I love NY – (Baobinga’s Fuck U Mix)
Jahdan – Go Round Payolla (Bye HAters Shadetek Remix)
G-Sidez – Hit Da Block ( Feat Shyft)
Taliesin – Damn


More speedy merengue vybz! This time from new Mad Decent signee Maluca. Checkdis:


Life After People
April 3, 2009, 1:18 pm
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More of my new favourite genre; docusci-fi. An intensely-interesting one about what the state of life on Planet Earth would be like if all the humans just up and vanished – spanning hunneds o’years, the fates of house-pets, unmaintained power-grids and the encroachment of wildlife and greenery are all addressed amongst other things. About as future as you can get.

Hit the jump for the rest of post-human Earth>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Why Loosened Copyright Will Encourage Creativity…

…in the music industry.

Inspired by a copyright discussion in an interview I had today, I remembered the important history lesson from the video above. The second half gives proof as to why loosened copyright laws in music will encourage creativity. Music startups like Mixcloud are at the forefront of a push for increased access to tunes. Increased access is giving listeners a plethora of influences from which to be inspired – heightening the opportunity for originality through variety and assimilation. This is why Laurence Lessig and Creative Commons points to the future. Lessig acolyteGirl Talk and his pay-what-you-want album Feed the Animals is what pop music should have been since the 80s, were it not for stringent copyright laws:

Yes, the video avoids the UK YooToob ban – because it’s licensed through Creative Commons! Also, go check out (trailer here) the first open source documentary, which is about all of this – RiP: A Remix Manifesto.

The Amen break is still in full effect today, with the big tune of the moment making explicit reference at about 4:10:

http://kiwi6.com/upload/hotlink?id=0jr72yo5 La Roux – In For The Kill (Skream Let’s Get Ravey Remix)

Or was that the last moment? Foamo has already given an entirely different take, with a the remix of the remix:

http://kiwi6.com/upload/hotlink?id=l0x0fmj2La Roux – In For The Kill (Foamo’s Skream Remix Bootleg)