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With a totally tropical taste, my man Sumsin has put socamerenguetek on a blastout – original productions plus, in the mix. Pure party sweat session! Road carnival ride vybz! You can contact an’unexpectacle here to find out about a particular tune or for some ‘pon road party vibes. Listen and download below but here’s what he has to say about this mix of ridiculous rapid riddims:

“Socamerenguetek will keep you for an hour-long, action-packed outing. I got my new vest-top, I got my camel sandals and now it’s time to clip my parts. Prepare a rumboat and ready for go because these are road tunes and you’ll likely get higher.”

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Murkules Speed Merengue Special
April 17, 2009, 12:04 pm
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RAPIDBRAPP! Our good friend Murkules has smacked it outta the park with this rinsing speed merengue mix, synthesized from some bits we found downback of interwebs a while back. Here’s wha’ he say:

“Kids aren’t ready for speed merengue. its all breakneck speed kicks drums and claps, synth horn stabs, half time bass licks and slack lyrics. Its some kind of raunchy latin salsatek than cold weather legs can’t handle – shit’s like 190 bpm. Hard digi riddims started coming out of the dominican republic in the mid 90’s and hadn”t really crossed over outside the dominican diaspora since, but mad decent’s new signing Maluca got some kind of 8-bit SM vibes going on. Tropical bass jams to blow your sunny summer, Here’s 40 minutes of hyperspeed badness for you….”

Tracklist – Download
1. La Banda x – La Tanga
2. Dequita – Chica Mala
3. Manny Loco – La Chuleta
4. Amarfis Y La Banda De Atakke – Yemayau
5. Mambo Infinito ft. La Mayor – Coje Lo Tuyo
6. Omega Y Su Mambo Vilento – Alante Alante
7. Manny Loco – El Chimichurri
8. El Sujeto & El Sueco – Muevelo Mamita Muevelo Menol
9. Amarfis Y La Banda De Atakke – Mete Mano
10. Fulanito – Cotorra
11. Unknown – Tienes Que Ganatelo
12. El Sujeto – Los Brasilenos
13. Mala Fe – Con El Pompi Pa’rriba
14. Unknown – Unknown

Also, catch’im spinning some at the BIG Man Make Music event on the 2nd of May.


More speedy merengue vybz! This time from new Mad Decent signee Maluca. Checkdis:


March 30, 2009, 3:58 pm
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Following the Soca post, I reflected on my mission to La Republica Dominicana a couple of years ago. Two things still perplex me. Firstly, whether or not the bar in Cabarete that used mannequin booty as drink stands, hactually at one time used waitress booty – probably more rumour than truth, but believable rumour. Secondly, why mambo de calle, or speed merengue never blew up as reggaeton (the other, less jokes, vibe pon Dominican road and beach) did. The second of those intrigues is about to change this summer, I reckon.

My man Sumsins has been feeling the rays coming with a merengue inspired riddim or two.

The rinsing blog generationbass has also been feeling it with this superb mix – Omega’s bigboutya but kazsh vocals make a wonderful contrast with the supersonic riddims


Also, here’s a zip of a few collected riddims – they be faster than the camera that caught that the above execution of playdoh. Get shakin.