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the telephone song
March 26, 2009, 7:54 pm
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Its true what they say, Egyptians were always sooo future. Like next level future. First they gave us the great Triangles and now this. The Telephone song. A full two years before everyone started getting all tropical and congoloided they were already up to their عنق الزجاجة in housey jungle grooves… ok so its no SOLO and you wont find it on the new Congo Fire Ep (which you should buy, or steal) but you get the idea. Ill definitely be dropping it.

Word to the pharaohs.

If your feeling the sound but fancy summin’ a little less old Egyptian bloke on the phone to young children check out the aforementioned Congo Fire EP on Dirty Bird or peep the mighty curb crawlers for the Congoloid (Minimow remix) 

Oooh nyce.