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Digitizing the Imagination
March 27, 2009, 10:22 am
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This has been a looong time coming! Designer Frantz Lasorne has a project that mashes-up tabletop war-games and strategy video games together, with a kid’s existing toys. Painting little Warhammer figures would actually be quite cool when used in conjunction with this futuretoy. It takes typical boys imagination and lays it out in front of their eyes, by letting them use their old toys as game pieces and controls in an virtual world. Players battle it out, assigning weapon functions to their real world toys, and can watch the virtual action through special glasses. You do have to wonder, still, how immersion in an augmented world will effect a kid’s developing mind. Like the “is Google making us stupid” argument, will too much of this kind of pre-planned imaginary world inhibit creativity, or will it unlock new ways of thinking?